Member Profiles

These are The Members of
The Wheat Kings
/The Cat House Dogs:

Todd Sharman
Lead vocalist
With a gift for story telling, Todd can really belt out a song, and give it a great range of emotions. Influenced by artists old and new, Todd frequently progresses into tidbits of everything from Eminem, Sly and the Family Stone, to Tom Jones during a performance.
Mark Higginbottom
Mark grew up in the industrial town of Windsor. Because he was located a mere bus ride away from Detroit, he was able to get inspired by the big city and all of the legendary acts that traveled through it. Mark is an amazing lyricist who has provided many of the core ingredients to the band's message.
Steve Ruppert
Steve, like Mark, grew up in the Windsor area. He has been fortunate to be able to call upon a terrific reservoir of talent as he studies and teaches music. Steve is a very gifted and inspired guitarist who also has a passion for recording which puts him at the core of the band's sound.
Paul Whiteside
Paul grew up in the Greater Toronto Area playing bass. He has a gifted ear for tone and pitch which allows him to consistently pick notes out of the air generated by virtually any source. A practical joker, Paul is the backbone of the vocal harmonies which bring depth and dimension to the band's sound.
Randy James
Randy is able to make three drums sound like ten. He plays an unusual kit made up of two floor toms (one laid on its side as his bass drum) and a snare. Inspired by legends like Buddy Rich and John Bonham, Randy anchors the bands rythm and provides a solid dose of energy and emotion.