The Wheat Kings LIVE


The Wheat Kings have been playing live shows for over 10 years. Here are some rare live recordings of the boys in action.

Tragically Hip Covers:
New Orleans - Recorded in Ogdensberg, NY 1999

Grace Too - Recorded in Beeton, ON 2004

TNT - Recorded in Alliston, ON 2004

The Cat House Dogs

 The Wheat Kings have become The Cat House Dogs and have released a full length independant album entitled "Bark".

Songs from the album include:

1. Blind (2:49)
2. Down From Here (3:46)
3. Crazy Bird (4:24)
4. Find Your Own Way Out (3:45)
5. Not You (3:28)
6. Generation (4:20)
7. Emily (3:06)
8. C’mon C’mon (3:36)
9. Wreck My Day (2:39)
10. Dosey Dough (1:16)

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The Cat House Dogs

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Bordering on the ridiculous


In the spirit of live performance, we thought it would be fun to include a few moments of instant inpiration. You know, the "just add water" variety - or in our case "tequila". The following are one-of-a-kind moments performed only once. Luckily, though, every show has its moments.

New O sung over Beast of Burden

The Reggae Minegerie

Swallow a Bug

All performances Copyright ©2005 The Wheat Kings. All Rights Reserved.