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How we met our friend Andy Kovacs

Andy in Japan

"Since you invited thoughts/reactions concerning your "Thoughts for the Day" page, and because some version of "Life in the 1500s" pops up at least monthly, I thought it worth mentioning that almost all the explanations are wrong. In fact, some of the phrases "traced" to that time actually originated fairly recently and have sports or other modern origins. A good explanation for several of these is offered at"
--N. Lacy

"I am having particular fun shooting pucks at all of you. It doesn't matter how many times I play that hockey game I'm laughing the whole time. It's REALLY funny!"

"Nice site guys,
You're always an excellent show. I've seen you before in Kingston.
Definitely a fun time."

"So, we head to Lee's Palace in Toronto last night only to find I Mother Earth is cancelled due to illness. We pick up a paper hoping to find another band and try to make something out of the evening, but there is pretty much nothing on. We decide to check out the Orbit Room, violently agreeing that if Alex Lifeson is even remotely associated with the facility it must be good, and on the way there we find out a band by the name of The Wheat Kings, a Hip cover outfit, is playing at JJQ's Sports Bar near Woodbine. What the hell, we make the trek up to Rexdale and it turns out to be a good show, with many oldies such as Highway Girl, Three Pistols!!, 38 Years Old, Boots, and many others. They actually managed to fit in a fine Marley jam (Everything's Gonna Be Alright) in the middle of Courage, it actually worked well. Well worth the $2 (cdn) cover charge.

"You've been kicking my ass in hockey all day!!!!"
--Mathew Merrett
We've been practising.

"Hi guys this is just a little note to let you know that my husband and i saw you on sat, july 1st at Milliken Park for Canada Day and we were just blown away by your performance. If we didn't know any better you would think that you guys were the real thing. We love"Tragically Hip" and you guys ROCKED!!!!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work! We will definitley keep in touch with your website to check out performances in our area. Until then keep rockin"!!!!!!
--Pat & Karen
You guys are great too!!

"I have a couple of quotes for the day, you may or may not like them, to each their own I suppose, seen you at Miliken, you guys rock, I thought you were awesome.
~Life isn't a matter of milestones, but of moments.
~You gotta have a dream. If you don't have a dream, how ya gonna make a dream come true?
~Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most people don't recongnize them."


Wise words from a wise guy.

"It's your big fan from Watertown. Just wanted to see how things were going with you guys. Are you playing lots, and are you coming to Watertown? How about anywhere else in the states? I am down in Albany, think you might ever make it down that far? Well, hope your summer is going well. Maybe I'll see you sometime. Take care and say hi to everyone else for me. Bye."

"It (y2k party) looked like a great time — my new years sucked. I should have went to the Wheat Kings."
–Fishn Worms

"Hey Guys! You guys rock!! We saw you at Desparados, we left our own party to watch you guys play! (No offense to the band upstairs) Hope to see you back in the states!"
–Jreck Subs crew

"Hey Guys! I'm Shaggin Sherman, I dj at the club you boys just played at last night (Dec 9), GT's Roadhouse. Hey next to The Hip you guys are by far the best Tribute dedicated to the boys from Kingston! Rock on, Guys!"
Thanks, Shaggin Sherman! :o)

Cool. The Chatham talk-jock likes us.

"Seeing the Wheat Kings in concert is more fun than a saucy puppet show.
Looking forward to the New Year's gig in Norval.
I especially like the bass player. He can rock but can he fish?"

"hey guys,
it's jason (cheech's ast). you guys did another great job last night. and this web page of yours is great.keep rocking and hope to see u guys again"

"Nice website. I finally got my NEW computer at work and I have access to the internet again. Look forward to seeing you on December 3rd at Heads or Tails and keep up the good work!"

"WOW what a show you had for halloween at JJQ's you guys rock. You guys just got another wheathead grouppie"
- e-tai

"The Iceman is losing by a good 60,000 now. Sad.
I hope to catch your second set next time I'm in Ontario... only caught the first set last time. Enjoyed it. Keep [Paul] hidden in the back, though, preferably off-stage. (And make sure Paul knows I said that, maybe his rage will improve his pool game to the point where he can actually beat me!)
I'll close off with some trivia for you: The Hundredth Meridien in the western hemisphere passes through Western Manitoba, just east of the city of Brandon. Brandon's minor hockey team is called the Wheat Kings. Nice little tie-in, eh? Of course, you probably knew that already. Cheers!"
- Christopher

"I caught your show outside Yonge Street for the Hard Rock Cafe's birthday bash in June I think?
Fucking tight sound boys. Fucking tight. When are you coming back downtown?"
- Kevin

"As an audio engineer I get to witness many musicians and the ocassional tribute act playing live but I must admit that The Wheat Kings do pull off a solid Hip Tribute for the fans. Nice web site as well. Go see them when they are in your town."
- Crewdude

"Got a chance to see you guys in a popular 'cougar' hangout around Yonge & Eglinton.
Despite repeated, annoying interruptions by desperate 40-50 yr old women (and Ann), I was able to really get into your band and must say you guys are impressive!!! Musically you were bang on, your experience as a group really comes across to the audience. While your lead singer looks about as similar to Gord Downie as does Meatloaf, he's pretty good at recreating Gord's charismatic style. Whether you are a diehard Hip fan or your interest peaked at Little Bones, you will enjoy this band. Do yourself a favour and check them out!!!"
- J.S.

"I have seen you guys play a few times and by the amazing sounds that you guys produce, you would think it was "The Hip" themselves playing.
I am glad to see your up on the web. Nice site!! It just got easier to see some great musicians play some great music, live. Well I must go! Keep it up!"
- Lorraine :)

"The most rocking, talented band to hit the shores of northern NY! For the discriminating taste of this Hip fan, the Wheat Kings have what it takes to bring the spirit and music of The Tragically Hip to the stage. Plus they are a great group of guys!"

"Witty, talented, and Hip music too! You guys are the best!
Coming to one of your shows makes me feel like I'm one of the band. You make everyone feel like they have come to your house for a party!
Thank you, and I hope to see you soon."
- Anne

"I'll never forget my first Wheat Kings show. That's where I met my husband. He looked so good, standing there swaying with the intoxication of the music (or was it the beer)? His knotty hair hanging past his shoulders, just brushing past the hole in his Tragically hip T-shirt. I knew at first sight this was the man for me. Even today, if we don't have enough money to see a real life Hip show, we can bet that our UIC money will be well spent at the Wheat Kings shows! They're absolutely awesome!!"
- Linda, Hawkesbury Trailer Park

"During my viewing and critique of the show in a venue in Scarberia, this individual/critic found the music was excellent! If you squint your eyes they look just like The Hip.... or maybe a Ferrari....
After my initial viewing, have been looking forward to the next time I see this Band.
This band was voted during their rookie year (by Stone Rolling Magazine)
as, "The band most likely to play in smokey bars for a few years until they hit the big time when they get a gig in the Maritimes, where they will play in smokey bars!" <ed: This is a loose translation.>
The Wheat Kings have a very bight (and smokey) future ahead of them.
Get out to see them as soon as you can, and then brag to your friends that it cost less than a Hip concert!
Congrats on the new site guys!"

- Eric "The Moss on a Rolling Stone"

"Cute site, mes dudes... But not half as cute as your show - (These guys are f!@#ing GREAT, BTW... They also have a. . . bass player who is absolutely amazing!)"
- Robert

"Nice Site but where are the musicians. . .
would love to see you dudes perform some original music rather than that Tragically Hip. . . that we are bombarded with over the airwaves day in and day out. I'm sure you would be good at it as the musicianship is definitely there."

- Gerry

"All I can say is this: If you are a Hip fan the Wheatkings are a must see!!
The first time I went to see the Wheatkings perform I was skeptical; After all who can give a performance with such high energy and actually sound like Gord, and the guys?
I was suprised at the energy these guys had, and it was incredible how much they sounded like the real thing. I was hooked, along with dozens of other people, who quickly filled the dance floor, and started screaming for Blow, and New O. That was almost 2 years ago. Since then I have attended several of the Wheatkings performances and every show was accompanied by tons of energy ranging from old tunes like Highway Girl to new stuff like Bobcaygeon, and usually ending the evening with New O, or Blow, saving the best for last, leaving the audience begging for more. (They always came back to play at least one more, if not two more tunes).
I always look forward to the Wheatkings coming back to the little town. . . Cheers guys, and it's about time you got a Web Page.
Hope to see you soon. Always faithful Wheatkings Fan,"

- Tammy

"Finland club owner Tom likes your site!!!"
- Tom

We’ll post your comments on this page.

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