A television production company recently asked to talk to some people who like to go and hear The Wheat Kings play. "Why you go out and what the band means to you." Sarah said that the response was "overwhelming!" and, for us, it's turned out to be a great way to hear your feedback. We put together this page in your honour.
Thanks everybody!!

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The energy and the connection

"I, along with a lot of my friends really enjoy hitting a few of their shows throughout the year – esp. their annual show at Dr Dillane’s pub in Schomberg.

We always have a blast – they’re a real party band and they have great jams – a lot of energy and they’re a great bunch of guys to boot!!

As a 36 year old proud Canadian I love the Hip of course. And, I love live music, however unless I can get tickets in the first 10 rows I don’t feel engaged at a concert. The Wheat Kings let you get right inside the music – or at least spill your beer on their amps! I have a lot of great, blurry memories of great times at their shows. We ALWAYS have fun when they play. I’ve seen other Hip cover bands but they just don’t have the energy and the connection with the audiences at the Wheat Kings do."

Leah Werry

The Wheat Kings have brought back some personalization.

I have been a fan of The Wheat Kings for about 10-years now and thoroughly enjoy their performances at clubs in Toronto and in and around Ontario. What keeps bringing me back?
  • the music (it's Canadiana at its best)
  • the musicianship (a real tight band)
  • the spontaneity (they offer up varied set lists and some great medlies)
  • the fun factor (when you look around, everyone in the audience is in a great frame of mind)

The Wheat Kings prove, night after night, they they are truly enjoying what they are doing on stage. It is infectious as they get audiences up and dancing and having a great time. Living in the west-end of the GTA, I try to keep up with their club listings in order to get out see them whenever I can.

Brian MacAlpine

Get out and check out this band for an entertaining evening

All of the guys in the band are very cool and super talented. They have an incredible collection of their own songs with a variety of styles and I always request that they play a bit more of these throughout a night. Their regular set list also includes an impressive selection of rock tunes that every audience seems to enjoy thoroughly.

I wish them all of the success they desire and believe that they deserve the opportunity to reach a bigger audience, based on the talents that I have witnessed. They are all hard working, rocking dudes and they seem to really enjoy pleasing music fans. Even as a big fan myself, I was really blown away by their "Cat House Dogs" C.D. release. As I mentioned above, the songs are comprised of a variety of interesting styles; are unique; somehow familiar without being too commercial sounding and the lyrics are simply fabulous.

At least once each time I see the Wheat Kings perform, I must ask them to play my favourite long song. Although I love great music, I am not a musician myself. However, I do often need to celebrate my own "rockstarlife". It comes with it's own peculiar brand of humour, which is why some folks get a quizzical look when they hear the band agree to play that song for me and "Locked in the Trunk of a Car" starts up.

You just can't go wrong if you are looking for a great night out and decide to spend some quality time with the WHEAT KINGS!

Terry Sanko.

A tribute in song...

John and I are big fans of the Wheatkings / Cat House Dogs.
You're interested in why we like them.... well... here you go...

The WheatKings / CHD are hip and cool
Mark especially makes me drool
The shirts he wears are the best.
Each performance is put tragically to the test
Of being better than the one before
Randy's drumming makes us dance 'til we're sore
Mark, Steve and Paul play a mean guitar
We're groupies and will travel far
To hear Todd adlibbing the lyrics he sings
Mimicking others and chanting his own things
Their unique personalites are displayed with their hats
Except for Todd 'cuz his wild hair doesn't need that
They have a knack of drawing a crowd
Into a state of energy and applaud
For amateur bands they are our fave
A night with the Wheat Kings is one we crave!

John Wilson and Joanne Penney

When are you playing in BC?

I moved to BC from Ontario about 2 years ago, and one of the biggest social events that I miss is seeing The Wheat Kings. I went to see them often over about 8-10 years. I kept their web page link in my favourites, and kept track of where they were playing, so that I and my friends could see them when they were relatively local. We are fans of The Hip, and found that The Wheat Kings were so authentically Hip, that we were ensured a great time whenever we ventured out to see them! The great thing about the Wheat Kings, is that they made me feel as though I was in a friend's basement....no matter the venue. The atmosphere was comfortable, exciting, and fun, always. Musically, they are a very tight band and they have always kept me entertained and engaged in their performances. So, I miss the boys, and have sent a few e-mails since my move to ask "When are you playing in BC"? I'll be waiting!

Anne McGuinness