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The Wheat Kings are the ultimate tribute to "The Tragically Hip." They have enjoyed tremendous success with clubs, colleges, festivals, and Universities throughout Canada and the United States. Since the bands inception in the spring of 1994, The Wheat Kings have delivered rock n' roll with the same energy, style, and sound as the Hip themselves – giving audiences exactly what they came to feel and hear.

The band formed when five professional Toronto area musicians realized that audiences couldn't get enough Hip. In an interview with Toronto Life Magazine, Todd the lead singer is quoted as saying "I have a Great time up there," and in a nutshell, this echoes the outlook of the entire group. With five years of continuous success and consistently exciting perfomances, The Wheat Kings will remain the ultimate tribute.

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HIP Songs by Album

Tragically Hip
Highway Girl
Small town Bringdown

Up to Here
Blow At High Dough
38 Years Old
When The Weight Comes Down
I’ll Believe in You
Trickle Down
Boots or Hearts
New Orleans is Sinking
She Didn’t Know

Road Apples
Little Bones
Twist My Arm
Born in the Water
Three Pistols

Fully Completely
Lookin’ For a Place to Happen
At the Hundredth Merdian
Wheat Kings
Fully Completely
Locked in the Trunk of a Car
Fifty Mission Cap
Pigeon Camera
Day for Night
Grace Too
Greasy Jungle
So Hard Done By
Nautical Disaster

Trouble at the Henhouse
Gift Shop
Ahead by a Century
Don’t Wake Daddy

Phantom Power
Something On

Music @ Work
Music At Work

World Container
In View

Songs We Play by Other Bands

The Rolling Stones

Miss You &
• Beast of Burden
• Sympathy for the Devil

Led Zeppelin Whole Lot of Love
• Houses of the Holy
The Clash Should I Stay
Bob Dylan Like a Rolling Stone
AC/DC Have a Drink on Me
R.E.M. The One I Love
Tom Petty Mary Jane’s Last Dance
• Free Fallin'
The Black Crowes Hard To Handle
The Monkees I’m a Believer
The Romantics What I Like About You
David Bowie Rebel Rebel
John Mellencamp Small Town
The WHO Baba O'Riely

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